A Reference Guide For Typography In Mobile Web Design

Understanding the typographic requirements in responsive design is essential to creating visual outcomes that work for all users - regardless of device they decide to use.

With mobile taking a front seat in search, it's important that websites are designed in a way that prioritise the best experience possible for their users. While Google has brought attention to elements like pop-ups that might disrupt the mobile experience, what about something as seemingly simple as choice of typography?

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Does Anyone Use Social Sharing Buttons on Mobile?

Whilst social sharing buttons are a great addition to desktop design. Mobile users seem more likely to use be using native sharing features than clicking on the sharing buttons built into your website. Definitely check this article out.

Visit a lot of websites, and you’ll see precious screen space dedicated to social sharing buttons on mobile websites, imploring users to share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networks. At first, this seems like a good design choice: social media usage on mobile is huge. Pinterest relies on mobile browsers for 64% of its referred traffic. And over half a billion people access Facebook solely through mobile – a 78% year-over-year increase. Overall, sixty percent of the time consumers spend on social media is on mobile.

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Essential Design Trends, May 2017

Keeping your eye out for emerging trends is essential in any industry. Here are some of the trends emerging in the world of web design for May 2017

From a purely aesthetic trend in shallow hero headers and diagonal corner layouts to a user interaction trend in this or that calls to action, there are plenty of interesting ways to draw the attention of users. Here’s what’s trending in design this month:

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Mobile First Design: Why It’s Great and Why It Sucks

Brown Box have long been proponents of mobile-first development, and we are still strongly committed to it - but it's not all sunshine and roses, especially for the developers!

More than ever before the web is something that we carry in our pockets, not something that merely hangs out near our desk or even in our homes. This is a global trend that will only continue to see growth in the coming years. Are you ready for this? Does your professional skill set include web development for all important platforms or just the desktop arena?

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Designing for short attention spans

Designing for short attention spans seems to be a new challenge for designers. Extra value is now being placed on page loading times and user flow. Superior optimisation and user experience focused designs seem to be the key in keeping your audience around long enough for you to make a lasting impact and impression.

A recent study by Microsoft revealed that we’re experiencing progressively declining attention spans. The study, which surveyed 2,000 people and monitored brain activity of 112 others, found that we now have an attention span of eight seconds, compared to an attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000.

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If you had to interact with your business ONLY on mobile, would you be happy?

Here at Brown Box, we will always craft your site for mobile devices first. This article gives you a greater insight into why this is crucial for businesses from now and onwards.

In 2014, we passed the mobile tipping point. There are now more people who own a mobile device in the world than a desktop computer. And that gap is growing fast. Americans spend more than 60% of their online time on a mobile device today (Comscore 2015). These numbers are important for your business.

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What’s The Deal With The Samsung Internet Browser?

Like most web developers we've been guilty in the past of testing Chrome on Android and ignoring the default "Internet" browser that comes on the vast majority of devices. And while - as this article points out - there are likely to be few significant differences between the two, the numbers are making us reconsider that approach.

In the past few years, just about all Android device vendors have upgraded their default browsers to Chromium… but not to Google Chrome. Instead, they took an older Chromium version of their choice, modified it somewhat, and added it to their devices as “Internet” or “Browser.”

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Pokemon Go Concept Redesign Solves Usability Issues.

We all know how massive Pokemon GO has turned out to be however, that doesn't shield it from its design shortcomings. This article lends a few helpful tips to the developers at Niantic.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you will have heard of Pokemon Go. The augmented reality game, which sees players track down, capture and battle creatures from Nintendo's popular Pokemon games, has been the biggest app of the summer, even eclipsing the daily usage of the likes of Candy Crush, Facebook and Twitter. Despite its huge popularity, however, Pokemon Go isn't exactly a good example of how to make an app that works flawlessly.

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Mastering Responsive Web Design: The Dos and Dont’s

Building responsive web sites is a lot more complicated than it sounds. There are so many extra things to consider - and this article touches on several of the main ones, though it's nowhere near an exhaustive list.

Web design for mobile platforms is not about cramming all of your site’s content onto a smaller screen. You may have worked for years to optimize your content, but the long and short of it is this: mobile web design is a whole different animal. The goal is not to shrink your current website, but to redesign it for a mobile platform.

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Input Types: Give Users the Right Keyboard on Mobile Forms

UX for mobile devices isn't simply a process of making things bigger on a small screen. It's important to keep in mind how users are actually interacting with your site!

Typing is easy when users do it on a desktop computer. But it’s harder to do on a mobile device because not all the keys are visible on the keyboard at once. A smaller screen can only display a limited set of keys.

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Google’s Mobilegeddon Aftermath: Eight Months Into A Better Mobile Web

If your site doesn't work on mobile, not only are you losing out in terms of your page showing up in search results - but this study shows that you're also lagging behind at least 70% of the other sites out there.

Eight months into the apocalyptic event, we repeated the study because we wanted to measure and understand the real proportions of such an important development. We crunched the data and discovered some interesting findings — this article details the most significant ones.

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Are you Making the Most of your Google My Business Listing?

We love using Google Tools to get your business shining online.

Google My Business is primarily aimed at small businesses who mightn’t have the time or resources to build a substantial online presence. It promises to show your business on Google and across devices, give customers the right information, and build long lasting and valuable customer relationships.

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Mobile Navigation For Smashing Magazine: A Case Study

Another great article by Smashing Magazine about Smashing Magazine.

Back in spring 2013, Smashing Magazine sported a select menu as its mobile navigation. It wasn’t considered an anti-pattern back then and I still think it’s a viable solution to the complex problem of how to build accessible and functional cross-device navigation. Brad Frost wrote a few words about the pros and cons of this pattern on his blog and I couldn’t agree more.

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