Netflix’s new font could save the company millions of dollars.

For larger corporations, font licensing can definitely be expensive! Check out the new font Netflix's just recently created to redefine their brand and save some money.

Bespoke fonts are all the rage recently. IBM, General Electric, Intel, and Coca-Cola have all designed custom fonts in an effort to unify branding and make a more cohesive look for their companies’ products.

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4 Things Every Designer Should Know About Whitespace

Whitespace is such important part of a Designers Toolkit! Check out the core things every designer should know about this essential design principles.

Although some people may consider whitespace a waste of valuable screen estate, it’s an essential element in a design. In fact, whitespace is just as important as the content. As Jan Tschichold said: Whitespace is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background

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How to Choose the Right Logo Color

Logos need to be able to stand on their own, in such a wide variety of usage situations!

Have you ever designed an identity and gone blank when it was time to pick a color palette? With the entire spectrum at your disposal, it can be tough to select just one or two colors. Although color may seem like an open brief, there is a logical process to follow that will help. We interviewed industry experts and boiled down their advice to three important rules.

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When Large Isn’t Large Enough: Designing With Hero Images

Hero images need to be better than big. Leaving lasting impacts on your audience all begins with what they encounter first and most of the time, it starts with the hero image. Your Hero image is more than just a pretty picture, it's a powerful communication tool.

When users come to your page, they’ll feel some kind of reaction. Whether it’s positive or negative, that reaction is determined in large part by what they see. Because vision is perhaps the strongest human sense, a hero image is one of the fastest ways to grab the user’s attention. Bold, graphic and intentional imagery engages the user. It draws the user in immediately and makes a perfect centerpiece for a minimalist app or website.

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The Bottom Line: Why Good UX Design Means Better Business

UX Design can dramatically change the face of your business

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99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

Designing a logo?  Need inspiration?  Here are 99 logos to give you the inspiration you need!  Keep the logo simple, yet trendy!

Achieving a well designed logo requires really hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. It's probably the best way of establishing brand identity, making an impact on customers and ensuring that they'll remember your site and come back for a second visit.

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Hone your design portfolio to perfection with these 10 tips

Here's an infographic that details some of the essential steps to ensuring that your portfolio is showcasing your absolute best! Check it out!

With the design industry now more than competitive that ever, it's vital that your design portfolio stands out from the crowd, highlights your best work and paints you in a positive light. The first port of call for anyone thinking of hiring or commissioning you, your portfolio speaks volumes about the kind of designer you are, so it's imperative to make the right impression.

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Making logos work for the web

The logo design process Here's some principles to help to make sure your logos are working for the web!

When you design for the web, no matter the industry, there are expectations that must be met, and realities that must be accounted for. Although this is true for all forms of web design, it is especially true for logo design.

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Logo Design For Responsive Websites

Simplicity is definitely key to an effective logo for responsive websites, and in this digital age, the flatter and more easily-recognised shapes are the winners. Find out more in this interesting article

Often logos end up suffering within responsive website design. Many have not been designed with responsive frameworks and variable sizes in mind, and are just resized to fit whatever available space has been provided for them or not. However, there are brands that do well within the responsive web space. These are brands that have been designed carefully and with consideration as to how they will display within changing formats.

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8 Mistakes Brands Make With Instagram

Are you using your Instagram account the right way? Just like websites, social media accounts also need a lot of TLC - quality content with lasting-impact, goal-driven strategies, regular engagement, and more. Find out how you can use Instagram to connect to your supporters effectively in this article!

Brands getting the most out of the network are the ones posting quality content on a consistent basis, and are doing so with a purpose. Even brands that aren't thought of as visually friendly are leveraging the network and seeing it work.

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Keep It Simple: Why Simplicity Is Key To Making Your Brand Win

In this digital age, we want our information fast and NOW. Learn how simplicity in branding can be your biggest friend and key to success.

Growth has a way of breeding complexity in business. Whether it happens overnight or over time, through mergers and acquisitions, a proliferation of products, increasing regulatory oversight, or surges in staff and sales, many of the companies we speak to find themselves paying a heavy price for complexity. They often know that they have to simplify but they freely admit they don’t know where to start. We’ve got five simple ways to begin.

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Which Social Media Platform is The Best for Your Brand?

Having a social media platform definitely helps optimise your business' brand but choosing the right one can often be tricky process. Have a read of this article and you will have some insight. 🙂

Introducing your brand on social media platforms can be intimidating. It’s your brand’s big debut on a platform and could increase your exposure by 89%; you want to make a good impression. Nervous marketers often take a shotgun approach – targeting as large a population as possible in the hope that a few prospects will take the bait.

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8 myths about new domain names

I'll admit I was wary of a fair few of these myths, good to clarify how people are actually responding to the new TLDs

In most cases, ‘.com’ is either significantly more expensive or significantly longer and more obscure than just securing the name under a new gTLD. With all of the successes of sites using new gTLDs and the lack of SEO impact, focusing on your site’s UX and choosing a new gTLD that’s easy for users to remember is probably the right way to go.

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Introduction to Brand Strategy: 7 Essentials for a Strong Company Brand

A brand is so much more than just a name, how the logo looks, or the products associated with it. This article breaks down the key factors in successful branding.

Before you get all hung up on what shade of green to use for your logo or what tone you're going to use when engaging with people on Twitter, you need to step back and take a look at the big picture.

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How to Make the Most of Your Customer Testimonials

Do not underestimate the power of customer testimonials.  A believable testimonial is a story with a photo, starting with your customer's pain, to the relieve of the solution.  Avoid one liner gibberish like “Great product, runs fast and the support is excellent!”.

Customer testimonials send strong signals of trust because they’re candid endorsements of your product by the people who actually use your product. Your customers will always be more persuasive than you.

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What's The Greatest Logo Of All Time?

Some of the greatest designers share their opinions on the greatest logo - I love that most of them focus on logo's that are timeless and enduring

From IBM to I ❤ NY, designers at Pentagram, Moving Brands, Under Consideration, and more pick their favorites.

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A Logo challenge for Brown Box

We recently had the opportunity to work with one of our clients to create a logo for their small business. Here's how we went about it.

To most people, creating a brand doesn't seem that complicated. You pick a name, combine it with some form of related imagery and you're done, right? Wrong. This is so not the case. There is so much more to branding than your business name, yet for many small businesses they don't have the time or money to spend on anything more - they've got their small business to focus on.

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365 Awesome Designers

Looking for some design inspiration? Check out these designers who are doing some awesome work in their field! A new designer is added to the list daily!

365 awesome designers is a small project by WILD, where they post one designer each day for one year. It’s curated by Damian Kidd.

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