Why You Should Never Centre or Right Align Your Logo

Not only does changing the 'traditional' positioning of logo's on websites mess with natural navigation pathways, it also weakens brand recognition.

Many designers assume that center or right aligning their website logo will make their brand more memorable. Research has shown this assumption is not true at all. In fact, straying from a left aligned logo can make your brand less memorable and even your site harder to navigate.

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A Reference Guide For Typography In Mobile Web Design

Understanding the typographic requirements in responsive design is essential to creating visual outcomes that work for all users - regardless of device they decide to use.

With mobile taking a front seat in search, it's important that websites are designed in a way that prioritise the best experience possible for their users. While Google has brought attention to elements like pop-ups that might disrupt the mobile experience, what about something as seemingly simple as choice of typography?

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22 designers tell us how they stay organized

Staying organised is one of the best ways to ensure your work is distraction free and completed on time. Check out the processes of these designers to find out how they keep organised.

Whether it’s covering your office in sticky notes, meticulously scheduling every minute of your day, or keeping an ever-changing list in your head, the best designers have a system for staying organized.

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Things Designers Should Know About SEO In 2018

Keeping engaged with evolving SEO practises allows designers to create websites that not only look great, but are also optimised search engines.

Design has a large impact on content visibility — so does SEO. However, there are some key SEO concepts that experts in the field struggle to communicate clearly to designers. This can create friction and the impression that most well-designed websites are very poorly optimized for SEO.

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Netflix’s new font could save the company millions of dollars.

For larger corporations, font licensing can definitely be expensive! Check out the new font Netflix's just recently created to redefine their brand and save some money.

Bespoke fonts are all the rage recently. IBM, General Electric, Intel, and Coca-Cola have all designed custom fonts in an effort to unify branding and make a more cohesive look for their companies’ products.

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User-Centered Design Is Everyone’s Responsibility: A Launch Checklist

When nearing the end of a project,  having creating a strong launch User-Centred check-list is a great way to ensure your entire team is able to jump in and help make the launch phase as smooth as possible

I cannot count how many large-scale projects my team has been a part of where we’re scrambling last-minute to take care of some seemingly small but integral task necessary for launch. I’ve talked to others in the web design and marketing industry; my team is not alone in this launch frenzy. But does that make this odd ritual okay or even acceptable?

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Examples of Print-Inspired Website Designs

Drawing inspiration from other media is a great way to ensure your website stands out from the pack. Check out these print inspired web designs!

Web design has always drawn inspiration from print. Whether it’s content layouts, typography, or image placement, print is always a worthy point of reference given its longevity. Websites today continue to be inspired by print design, with many shifting to text content-heavy designs as opposed to the more visual approaches we have become so accustomed to. There’s also a rise in websites using a palette of simple blacks for typography and off-white for backgrounds.

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What I know after a decade in design

With milestones come a time for both celebration and reflection. Finding mentors in your career path is a fantastic way to constantly improve and develop. Some great lessons for both old and new designers alike!

2018 will be the year that marks my first decade as a designer. Wow… crazy. Sometimes I still feel like a junior designer, but when I look back on myself ten years ago, I can see just how much I’ve learned. I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learned over the years. As it turns out, many are not so much about design, per say, as about mindset and attitude.

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9 Design Tips For Email Marketing

In the digital world of today email matters more than ever! Here's some design tips to make them look amazing.

Email marketing allows you to reach your target audience right in their inboxes. And it can earn your business an incredible ROI— up to $44 for every $1 you spend! But creating a campaign can be frustrating if you’re worried that a lack of design skills is preventing you from getting the results you want. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a designer to create killer emails. Most email marketing platforms, like MyEmailFX, allow you to choose from an array of pre-designed email templates. However, you’re probably still going to need to select some design elements like your colors, fonts, and images. In this post, we’ll cover nine tips to help you create emails that look great and earn your business more revenue online.

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Intro to The 8-Point Grid System

An interesting look into how designers are using 8 pt grid systems to speed up their teams workflow.

design ui ux 

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ve experienced the hesitation when you click purchase and the credit card entry form looks different from the rest of the site. A little consistency goes a long way.

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Every shortcut for designers in one place 🚀

Keeping track of all the different shortcuts across each of the tools and applications that designers use can be a mess! Here's a site that collates all the shortcuts from the various programs and organises them in a way that is easy to read and memorise. Check it Out! Alternatively, many of the programs let you customise each of the shortcuts to you liking. Personally I've customised the shortcuts of each of my adobe programs which has resulted in one of the best boosts to my workflow as a designer.

In their shoes: developers understanding designers

One of the best things about our team is our open office, where we get to collaborate between our designers and developers from the very conception of every project

Thanks to the power of collaboration, developers can understand better the reasoning behind certain design decisions, while designers can have a better understanding of how things work.

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4 Things Every Designer Should Know About Whitespace

Whitespace is such important part of a Designers Toolkit! Check out the core things every designer should know about this essential design principles.

Although some people may consider whitespace a waste of valuable screen estate, it’s an essential element in a design. In fact, whitespace is just as important as the content. As Jan Tschichold said: Whitespace is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background

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Is Your Website Repelling Potential Customers?

First impressions in the digital world are just as important as they are in the physical world! Make sure that your brand is best represented online by asking yourself questions found in this article.

Colors. Graphics. Original content. These are all elements that work together to make your website interesting to potential customers. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw together a website with your two favorite colors, throw a graphic somewhere on the page and call it a day. There is research to prove that the appearance of your website has everything to do with conversions. So is your website repelling your potential customers? Ask yourself these few questions to find out!

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The Designer’s Guide to Color Contrast

Want to get more out of the colours you use and help make your website more accessible to those with colour blindness? Contrasting colours are the way to go!

The colors you choose while designing a website, poster, or any other type of image, will have a huge impact on whether or not the overall design is successful. After all, there is a lot of psychology behind the colors that people are attracted to, and designers need to incorporate this into everything they do.

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Designing The Perfect Feature Comparison Table

Comparisons tables are valuable tools in a designer's kit, allowing you to powerfully communicate information your users may be needed in a clear and easy to digest manner. However, many just can't seem to get it right graphically. Check out this detailed article to help you get the most out of them!

design ui ux 

Not all products are created equal. While we repeatedly buy some products almost mindlessly, for others, we take a lot of time to make a purchasing decision. For a price tag that meets a certain threshold or if we are particularly invested in the quality of a product, we want to be absolutely certain that we are making the right choice and are getting a good product for a good price. That’s where a feature comparison table makes all the difference.

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Why You Need Design Thinking and How To Put It Into Practise

Design Thinking can be applied to so many aspects of life. Not sure what design thinking is and want to learn more? Check out this article by the people at Invision.

It’s more than a methodology or a framework. Design thinking has the power to take you and your team through the trickiest of problems—often with a winning solution on the other end.

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Icons are little living creatures

Great article that discusses how the relevance of icons changes with society. As the lines between the shapes of our devices begin to blur, it can be a challenging to prevent iconography from becoming doubted or obsolete as technology progresses whilst still being easily identifiable.

It was around 2010 and I was asking for feedback from colleagues on my web design. The response was positive, they thought the site looked great, apart from one tiny detail… the mobile phone icon I’d designed, especially it’s little antenna, was problematic.

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