A Reference Guide For Typography In Mobile Web Design

Understanding the typographic requirements in responsive design is essential to creating visual outcomes that work for all users - regardless of device they decide to use.

With mobile taking a front seat in search, it's important that websites are designed in a way that prioritise the best experience possible for their users. While Google has brought attention to elements like pop-ups that might disrupt the mobile experience, what about something as seemingly simple as choice of typography?

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22 designers tell us how they stay organized

Staying organised is one of the best ways to ensure your work is distraction free and completed on time. Check out the processes of these designers to find out how they keep organised.

Whether it’s covering your office in sticky notes, meticulously scheduling every minute of your day, or keeping an ever-changing list in your head, the best designers have a system for staying organized.

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5 Subtle Metrics That Could Make or Break Your Website

Data driven decisions often hold the most important details needed to tailor experiences for your users. Learn how to start using analytics!

Not keeping track of your website’s metrics, or doing it but not taking action based on what you find, is more or less equal to walking around in pitch darkness hoping to somehow reach your destination: both are possible but highly unlikely.

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Rolling out mobile-first indexing

It's been coming for a long time, but in the latest move to recognise the increasingly mobile-heavy web usage Google are now officially starting to index the mobile version of sites rather than the desktop version. It's a very gradual roll-out, and should only negatively affect sites which are not mobile responsive or which show very different content on mobile vs desktop.

To recap, our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page's content, which may cause issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from the mobile version. Mobile-first indexing means that we'll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking, to better help our – primarily mobile – users find what they're looking for.

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A Reference Guide For Typography In Mobile Web Design

Good typography in mobile web design is super important to ensure your users can actually read you content. This guide is full of great info, from basic terminology through to testing colours and using typefaces to reinforce your branding.

With mobile taking a front seat in search, it's important that websites are designed in a way that prioritize the best experience possible for their users. While Google has brought attention to elements like pop-ups that might disrupt the mobile experience, what about something as seemingly simple as choice of typography?

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Things Designers Should Know About SEO In 2018

Keeping engaged with evolving SEO practises allows designers to create websites that not only look great, but are also optimised search engines.

Design has a large impact on content visibility — so does SEO. However, there are some key SEO concepts that experts in the field struggle to communicate clearly to designers. This can create friction and the impression that most well-designed websites are very poorly optimized for SEO.

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WordPress Gutenberg Guide: How to Build Your Next Site With the Revolutionary Editor

Most of the articles on Gutenberg seem to focus on reviewing it and giving opinions on it. Refreshingly, this article doesn't do that. Instead it walks you through what using Gutenberg actually looks like and explains in detail how to do so. If you manage content on a WordPress web site, this article is definitely worth a read (or three!).

Whether this is the first time you’re hearing about the WordPress Gutenberg editor or you’re already somewhat familiar with it, this post will help you learn how you can use the new editor to build layouts for your WordPress content.

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Feature Request Site Downtime

We can never overemphasise the importance of backups - but human error can cause problems for even the biggest companies...

On March 28th, 2018 at approximately 1:30 pm CST the server housing the cPanel Feature Request site’s hypervisor unexpectedly failed. While we have been able to bring the Feature Request site back online, we have experienced an issue that has resulted in a loss of all data dating back to September of 2017.

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Unveiling the Specifics of ‘Unsubscribe’ for Email Marketers

This article deep dives into the details of email unsubscription providing some great info as to why it may occurs and why there might be a silver-lining to it.

Email unsubscribe is one of the most dreadful things for any email marketer. After all the hard work you put into a campaign, it is particularly annoying to get your emails unsubscribed.

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Is Gutenberg the End or a New Beginning for WordPress?

A thorough analysis of the impending Gutenberg editor and its impact - particularly on agencies and others who develop Wordpress sites, themes and plugins. We're still formulating how we're going to handle the update here at Brown Box, and this article will certainly help.

I’ve been loosely following the noise and #wpdrama surrounding Gutenberg for as long as it has been around and honestly for the most part I’ve had negative feelings around it (I don’t like change at the best of times). However, I recently dived in and tried it out and you will never guess what happened next! But seriously. I came to two conclusions: 1. It’s a lovely piece of software 2. It does not belong in WordPress. (Yet. Or WordPress as we know it today) Let me explain.

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Netflix’s new font could save the company millions of dollars.

For larger corporations, font licensing can definitely be expensive! Check out the new font Netflix's just recently created to redefine their brand and save some money.

Bespoke fonts are all the rage recently. IBM, General Electric, Intel, and Coca-Cola have all designed custom fonts in an effort to unify branding and make a more cohesive look for their companies’ products.

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The Current State Of Email Marketing Programming: What Can And Can’t Be Used

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your audiences - learning what tools you have at your disposal is a great way to ensure you're getting the most out of your email marketing strategies.

Many people want to create the best email campaigns possible, and this goal can be realized by following best practices for email design and coding and by implementing advanced techniques correctly. This comprehensive guide, for novices and pros alike, delves deep into the nitty gritty of email marketing.

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User-Centered Design Is Everyone’s Responsibility: A Launch Checklist

When nearing the end of a project,  having creating a strong launch User-Centred check-list is a great way to ensure your entire team is able to jump in and help make the launch phase as smooth as possible

I cannot count how many large-scale projects my team has been a part of where we’re scrambling last-minute to take care of some seemingly small but integral task necessary for launch. I’ve talked to others in the web design and marketing industry; my team is not alone in this launch frenzy. But does that make this odd ritual okay or even acceptable?

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Liquid Web has acquired iThemes

You may have never heard of either of these companies, but we certainly have. Liquid Web is a Wordpress-focused hosting company, and iThemes are a plugin developer whose products have long formed a significant part of the Brown Box ecosystem. We recently moved away from using iThemes Security, but BackupBuddy is still very much our preferred backup plugin. Hopefully this change won't have a negative effect on the development of BackupBuddy - indeed the added knowledge and different perspectives that come from being part of the larger organisation may well be a benefit! Either way we'll be watching closely.

Liquid Web has announced the acquisition of iThemes in an all cash deal that includes the entire iThemes team moving over to Liquid Web as an independent unit, and iThemes products will be included in various Liquid Web offerings.

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Google’s mobile-first search index has rolled out to a handful of sites

This move from Google is a pretty significant change in the way they index sites - but a logical one, since stats show that over 60% of searches are now done from mobile devices. The good news is that if your site is mobile responsive you shouldn't need to do anything - in fact you may even see your rankings improve as sites that aren't mobile responsive drop down.

Just over a year ago, Google announced a major change to the way its search index will rank sites: it will go mobile-first. As the company explained at the time, Google’s algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a website’s content to rank its pages, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from the site in its search results. This week, Google said it has begun to make this shift – and has already transitioned a handful of sites to the mobile-first index, which are now being monitored by the search team.

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Introducing a New and Improved Campaign Builder

If you haven't already checked out the changes MailChimp have made to their campaign builder, check out this article to find out how their improving the experience.

When we talked with customers about the step-by-step process, we learned that it wasn’t the right solution for everyone. “The campaign builder makes us finish steps we’re not ready for,” is something we heard a lot. So, we decided it was time to update the way emails are built in MailChimp. Here’s how we redesigned the campaign builder to look and work like a checklist, giving you the power to create an email in any order you want.

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Examples of Print-Inspired Website Designs

Drawing inspiration from other media is a great way to ensure your website stands out from the pack. Check out these print inspired web designs!

Web design has always drawn inspiration from print. Whether it’s content layouts, typography, or image placement, print is always a worthy point of reference given its longevity. Websites today continue to be inspired by print design, with many shifting to text content-heavy designs as opposed to the more visual approaches we have become so accustomed to. There’s also a rise in websites using a palette of simple blacks for typography and off-white for backgrounds.

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Happy Birthday Wordpress!

Wordpress last week celebrated 15 years since its inception. Originally a blogging platform it has grown to a full-blown CMS used by more than 1 in 4 sites on the Internet today!

Thank you Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little for creating WordPress, its contributors for keeping the ball rolling all these years, and providing opportunities for so many people. Happy birthday WordPress!

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