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At Brown Box we understand the importance of design in digital interactions. From brand management, to user centric design, to theme development – we understand the need to tell a cohesive and consistent brand story

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At Brown Box we understand the importance of design in digital interactions. From brand management, to user centric design, to theme development – we understand the need to tell a cohesive and consistent brand story

Theme Design

We love creating unique themes for your website that help display your brand and personality online.

At Brown Box we understand the importance of having a website with a unique look and feel. You need to stand out, to be remembered by your users and visitors. You also need a site that works on all devices and is mobile responsive.

We can do that.

We can create themes for your exact requirements, including varying page templates and integrated plugins. We can uniquely shape your website to fit you and your needs.

Our themes are built on a WordPress base. We love using WordPress due to its flexibility and user-friendly nature. You’ll end up with a site that is easy to use, maintain and regularly update. You’ll be able to manage content easily and efficiently. Furthermore we can develop themes that are able to change and grow as you do. We’re here to support and grow with you, to help you build upon a strong digital foundation.

Our custom designed themes will also benefit from managed updates and maintenance, meaning you can be confident you and your website are in safe hands.

Talk to us about how we can bring your brand to life online.



User Centered Design

We design for people. We keep the end user in mind for every piece of design we do, to ensure you are provided with a system that is user-friendly, efficient and intuitive to use.

Your users shouldn’t have to adapt to use your service, it should be intentionally crafted for them. Our experience at Brown Box, in both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design means we know how to translate your business needs and goals into a system that will benefit the real people on both ends of it.

We make sure we keep users at the centre throughout our entire design and development process – from our very initial requirements conversation, to the final polished interface and acceptance testing. At Brown Box we use prototypes and feedback cycles to consistently test and simulate how a system is being used to make sure we achieve a design and product that is easy and engaging to use, and provides value to both your organisation and your end user.

Brand Development and Management

We know the importance of creating a consistent brand story across all touch points.

Managing your brand online differs vastly to how you manage it offline. The expansive nature of the web means there are a lot of opportunities for your brand. However, if not managed well, these opportunities can leave you with a segmented and incoherent brand story spread in bits and pieces across the web.

This is where brand development and management comes in. At Brown Box we can help you translate your brand story into one that can be communicated across the digital realm, to help you tell the same great story that connects with your customers and users.

From visual design, to social network integration, to blogging and tone of voice – we know how to link up the pieces of your brand across the web to tell one strong story, without burdening you with a monumental content management strategy.

We help simplify and strengthen your brand online, to help you focus on what you do best.

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Brown Box Digital is joining forces with AlphaSys to become AlphaSys Digital

Over the long history of Brown Box Digital, we have worked closely with AlphaSys on many occasions. We’re thrilled that by combining our individual expertise in development and design we’ll be able to serve our partners and clients in a whole new and improved way.

For us, this new venture will free up our existing team to continue to push towards the best design, conversion and User Experience outcomes - and to create the best solutions for you. It will also equip us with stronger and more formalised Testing and Operational procedures, as well as a much larger development team, so that we can deliver better digital experiences, end to end.

Like us AlphaSys are focused on empowering organisations with digital solutions to help them grow and succeed both online and out in the world. We believe that together we can offer even greater digital solutions.

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