A Donor Centric Experience

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A Donor Centric Experience

Create a giving experience that will connect donors with your brand and your mission


Provide your donors with an Optimised, mobile responsive and branded giving page.

givingpage-infogtaphic-02Research* has shown that organisations with a branded donation page receive 7 times more online donations than those with generic donation pages. In addition branded donation pages receive the largest proportion of online donations.

Branded Giving Pages are those that look and feel the same as your website or campaign. These pages include photos, colours, logos, and text all customisable by your organisation.

Generic Giving Pages are those pages that send donors to a checkout experience that includes your organisation name and contact information, with little else, and doesn’t visually match your brand, website or campaign.

Generic giving pages under perform and unnecessarily constrain your online fundraising campaigns. You don’t need to be held back from telling your story your way – we can help. Lets have a chat about how we can set up a branded mobile responsive giving page on your WordPress site or how we can host a giving page for you.

We’ve developed a series of optimised page templates, ready to be customised to allow you to tell your brand story. We can install them on your site or host a giving page for you from $650. Unleash your giving potential and give us a call today on 02 8811 5530.

*Source: Network for Good, Give Now

Features of the Donor Giving Page Include:


Mobile Optimised

Your donors will be able to give wherever they are, on whatever device with a responsive, user centric donation process

On your site

If you’re on WordPress we can add a branded giving experience directly to your site. If not, we can host the page for you

Recurring Giving

Build relationships and simplify the process to encourage repeat donations with no extra effort or follow up

Real-Time Engagement

Get real-time notifications for you and your donors, to aid in the donor nurturing process

Automated Receipts

Simplify administration with automated receipting and email processes

Direct Debit Giving

Expand and enable more ways for your donors to give, without out being constrained by a single payment gateway

Download the information page here – Branded Giving Experience



Plus, extend your site with Gift Catalogues and more…

-02Gift Catalogue

Don’t wait for the end-of financial year to start campaigning your way. Get in touch and lets start a no obligation conversation about how Brown Box can help your online fundraising. We are here to help.

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