Make use of your data. Strengthen relationships. Create a greater impact.


Quit struggling to manage a CRM that is burdensome and unwieldy, hacking your way through time-consuming spreadsheets and contact lists.


Use a CRM that is fit for purpose, designed intentionally and uniquely for your purpose.

BB Connect is Brown Box’s custom made Customer Relationship Management platform that allows users to manage their database, creating advanced profiles, automated workflows, track detailed activity and analyse trends; to allow you to create value from your data.

For a decade we’ve watched Not-for-Profits hack their way through highly structured CRM systems, email address books and piles of spreadsheets to find a workflow that works the way they do.

BB Connect, our CRM system, will enable you to build the database you need, allowing you to create advanced profiles, track detailed activity and assist with analysing trends to help you decide when and where to engage with your users – and it all happens inside WordPress.


Features of BB Connect include:


Reporting & Data

BB Connect can enable all your reporting needs including segment reports, search totals and dashboard widgets; all customisable by you. All reports can be exported to Excel for analysis. Search results are able to be exported to MailChimp to drive new customer campaigns. Use your data the way you want to, without feeling trapped.

Saved Searches & Contact Segmentation

Run a search, save it and run it again with a single click! Pretty simple. But don’t stop there. You can take the results of that search and apply it elsewhere to perform actions such as exports. Use search results to create unique segments for reporting and for mail campaigns.

Custom Profiles & Workflows

Easily create profile fields and manage individual permissions. Restrict access to administrators or allow users to view and edit. Organise fields into sections or let them float free. Create and edit notes, financial transactions and any other activity. Create signup applications, sync fields with external APIs, or create public profiles with advanced permissions – and that’s just the beginning.

Actionable Notes & Work Queues

After a visitor interacts with your site we ask the question ‘What happens next?’ Actionable notes and work queues are the answer. For example, when a new donor gives, add them to the ‘Thank You letter’ work queue. When you get a large donation, add the contact to the ‘Please call’ work queue. Contacts can even be migrated between Work Queues automatically depending on behaviour.

And all within WordPress!

Our mission was to utilise the world’s most popular web framework to build a competitive, scalable and rewarding CRM that delivers.

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Over the long history of Brown Box Digital, we have worked closely with AlphaSys on many occasions. We’re thrilled that by combining our individual expertise in development and design we’ll be able to serve our partners and clients in a whole new and improved way.

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