Simple Checkout Solution


Simple Checkout Solution

Brown Box is always focused on creating simple solutions for both you and your users. This is why we’ve developed BB Cart.

BB Cart allows any WordPress architecture to be extended into an e-commerce experience and uses Gravity Forms to allow you to customise your checkout experience.

BB Cart provides the capability to place multiple and mixed products and payments into the same cart – allowing users to process payments for single items and recurring payments in a simple, single transaction.

Additionally BB Cart is integrated with PayDock, freeing you from expensive payment gateways and giving you control of your data.

Features of PayDock include:

Gateway Independence

Don’t get locked in. Change gateways, or use multiple gateways at once, without the hefty price tag

One-off Transaction Processing

Route one-off transactions to any connected gateway with very low transaction rates

Flexible Recurring Giving

A built-in recurring billing platform that adds value to your existing gateway provider while not locking you in. Set and modify start-and-end dates, amount, frequency and interval

Real Time Notifications

Improve customer and donor experience with real-time SMS, Email and Webhook event notifications.

Automatic Rebilling

Recover lost revenue with automated re-billing (or dunning) processes to which automatically separate ‘hard fails’ from ‘soft fails’. Only respond to failures you have to

Data Freedom

View, integrate and move your data with complete freedom in real-time. No paying for expensive manual operations or bloated layers of IT infrastructure

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