The team at Zurb have been doing some truly amazing work for not-for-profits.


On 26th August 2016, Zurb partnered with Life Services Alternatives for 24 hours (because 25 hours isn’t half as challenging, but only 23 wouldn’t have been nearly enough) with the aim of creating successful a marketing solution that would launch their campaign to new heights and better serve them as a not-for-profit.

More than just a stunt, Zurb has been conducting ZURB Wired each year since 2006 in an effort to create a successful marketing campaign for a lucky not-for-profit to help them get a project off the ground. Pushing the boundaries of both design and caffeine, Zurb is absolutely determined in giving to back to their community the best way they know – by working with not-for-profits to get there message unstuck and out there.

Supporting the not-for-profit community has also provided Zurb with the opportunity to promote growth within their own team and allowed them to stretch and expand their limits. A marathon of determination, Zurb Wired 2016 has concluded for another year, but let’s hope that more organisations adopt similar approaches in getting results for more deserving not-for-profits.

It’s inspiring projects like Zurb Wired that provide Brown Box with the fuel that helps us propel not-for-profits towards their goals. It’s absolutely amazing what teams can achieve under such immense time constraints.


For more information on Zurb and Zurb Wired definitely be sure to check out: http://zurb.com/wired/about

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