In a big shift to their user interface and user experience, Instagram has introduced a pinch-to-zoom feature and it’s here to change how you view your daily Instagram feed. For years, users have been accidently ‘liking’ 46-week old images as their native instinct of double tapping their apple screen to zoom has betrayed them. But no longer!

While some have been asking for this feature since the birth of Instagram, others are now blessed with a feature they never knew they needed.

This update follows a slew of changes to the Instagram interface in recent months, in what seems to be a bid to keep their users from jumping ship to newer, younger applications such as Snapchat. A feature like zoom, whilst not seeming like a massive change, represents a shift in the Instagram camp, who now see, to be much more willing to respond to the behaviour of their target community.

Clever brands have already seen the opportunity and are using zoom to advertise – adapting the new features to let users peek into their photos and conduct miniature scavenger hunts, expanding the avenues with they can encourage audience engagement.

As per tradition, this feature is yet to be rolled out for Android users. However, Instagram has stated that #zoom will be coming to Android in the coming weeks. Still – Us apple users in the Brown Box office are enjoying the one-up we’ve got over the Android camp while it lasts.

Brown Box are now using Instagram’s API helping to connect the dots and make managing your website content as easy as hooking up your social media accounts.

Just one final request, Mr. Instagram, when are us Australians getting the explore tab?

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