Zurb Foundation

Zurb Foundation is an amazing responsive framework that enables the efficient front-end creation of websites, apps, emails and more. Foundation allows us to create prototypes, customise outcomes and explore responsive options quickly and easily when creating websites.

In regards to responsive design processes, Zurb Foundation has a mobile first approach, ensuring a focus on user experience and allowing for the layering of features and complexity on expanding screen sizes.

Notable Notebooks

Notable is a great tool, that allows for collaborative development and feedback during the design process. Notable Notebooks allow us to annotate wireframes, visual mockups or screen shots of a live site.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.28.22 am

Notebooks then enables contextual feedback and commentary, displaying the design process and ensuring no detail is missed. Design progression can be observed through iterations and additional versions of a design, whilst keeping them clearly ordered and organised so that no piece of feedback is missed.

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