At Brown Box we have been using and recommending Swiftype for a number of years as an in-site search solution, particularly in contrast to the native WordPress search. Their Free plan – while understandably limited – was a great solution for many sites, and their $19/month Pro plan covered the needs of all but the biggest sites, despite being labelled a plan for “individuals”.

We recently went to sign another client up for Swiftype and were surprised to find that both of the plans for individuals – the Free plan and the $19/month Pro plan – have disappeared completely from the Swiftype site. Once your 14 day free trial has expired, your only option is to jump straight to their $249/month Business plan.

Having scoured the web, we can find no information about this either from Swiftype themselves or even from anyone else, which is suprising given Swiftype’s popularity. The closest we could find was a single forum thread which mentioned that the Pro plan was no longer being offered.

It’s therefore unclear exactly when this change was made – but given the lack of information about it, we have to assume it was only quite recent. The closest we can come to a date is that in October the individual plans were definitely still being offered, but our best guess is that they were still available until very recently.

What the Swiftype pricing page looked like in October...

What the Swiftype pricing page looked like in October…


...and what it looks like today

…and what it looks like today

What Does This Mean?

If you’ve already got a Swiftype Free or Pro plan, as best we can tell Swiftype will continue to honour these – at least for the time being. There is a mention in one of their help articles about users on their “legacy Free plan”, which suggests that those users are able to continue on this plan for now.

If on the other hand you’re wanting a search solution for your site and don’t already use Swiftype, you’re going to have to find an alternative. For the client we mentioned above, we’re trialling the WordPress plugin Relevanssi and are pretty happy with the results so far. We’re also looking into other alternatives such as Algolia – which has both a free plan and a $49/month plan, as well as higher-end plans similar to Swiftype.

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