Supporting Small Businesses Across Australia And Overseas

We love working alongside Small Business to help you achieve real results online

We love working alongside Small Business to help you achieve real results online

Supporting Small Businesses Across Australia And Overseas

We support all businesses from sole traders and small businesses through to commercial organisations and corporations. No business is to large or too small.
We constantly strive to ensure informed and successful growth for you and your organisation, and grab hold of every opportunity for you.
Our understanding of the digital world means that we can help you plan for success now as well as for the future.
Brown Box makes use of existing analytics and webmaster tools to gain valuable insights into your online performance.
We are then able to translate these insights into tangible techniques and processes to help you improve your performance.
Our ability to plan and look ahead to the future means we can help you prosper and get ahead of the competition, rather than struggle to keep up with the ever changing digital environment.

Small Business Core

Our Small Business Core is a website framework that is designed and developed uniquely with Small Businesses in mind. We understand the distinct constraints and opportunities that Small Businesses face and have created a unique web offering that is optimised to help you succeed.

The core includes a range of different page templates, allowing you to build and expand your site as you need. You will be able to customise content, make changes and add new features, due to a flexible WordPress framework that will grow as you do.

You can feel confident doing this as our pack includes two hours of coaching with our lead UX & design consultant, one-on-one training with a primary developer as well as mentorship around search engine optimisation and local digital strategy.

You’ll be able to regularly update and manage your content, build customised forms, implement SEO strategies and track the data across your entire site to nurture your business leads.

We want to help you create a site that will grow and respond to your changing business needs, to help you succeed on the web.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.44.39 pmWe recently partnered with Splash Aquatic to create their website from the Small Business Core.

Splash are now able to easily manage and update their own content, including Term Dates and Frequently Asked Questions. With an online contact form and class catalogue page they’re able to provide potential customers which the best experience possible, allowing them to easily engage with their audience. Brown Box were also able to provide a fun, updated visual design to help extend the Splash Aquatic brand.



Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.22.31 AMAward winning architecture and construction firm Studio Nine One Eight came to us to build a site through which they could proudly display their portfolio of work.

Their clean, modern website now helps them to win new projects and boldly displays their stunningly detailed constructions.


Download the Small Business Core information page to find out more



1cf36ce“I’ve been working with technology and the web for over 20 years. I’ve run my own businesses and run businesses for others. I get what you need. I’ve seen all the pitfalls and traps that businesses so easily fall into and I constantly see other businesses offer solutions that look good at face value but soon burden businesses with constraints and unnecessary costs. I created this pack to provide a cost effective solution that sets you up with the technical foundations to succeed on the web; the essential features all small businesses need; and the knowledge and training to make it work.”

Chris Chatterton – General Manager at Brown Box



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