We’re celebrating an anniversary at Brown Box and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate our past year of achievements, and to reflect on the awesome lessons we’ve learnt in the past 12 months.

The Past Year


We’ve had the privilege to partner with some amazing organisations such as ChristianityWorks, Mercy Ships, African Enterprise , Sydney College of Divinity and Regents Park Christian School (just to name a few). We’ve seen the completion of a variety of big projects such as complete design overhauls, brand new donation experiences and optimising international networks.


Partnering with each of these organisations has been a spectacular experience that has widened our knowledge in engaging donors and serving users. Seeing these web solutions come to life has been so rewarding for the entire team.

Our Foundation


In our efforts to constantly improve both User Experience and the efficiency of the Brown Box workflow, the end of 2016 saw our newest web framework emerge. This release offered a variety of new features; and has continued to refine the experience of managing our WordPress websites.

We’ve still got a fair way to go, and already have grand plans for our next framework release, but we’re also pretty proud of what we’ve managed to create.

Although this year has been focused on achieving outcomes for others, In the last year we recognised the need for change, pausing for a brief moment to think about what Brown Box has evolved to be after more than a decade in the game. The beginning of 2017 saw new branding for the Brown Box brand and a new focus and drive within our team.


Enter… Brown Box Digital

Brown Box Digital


We decided to take some of our own advice, and updated our branding to reflect who we are in 2017, and where we’re heading from here.


New branding can be scary (“But what about the 10,000 business cards we already have printed?!”) But sometimes you’ve just gotta bite the bullet. We already know a few places our current brand just wasn’t working, so we started there. Our approach was to take our existing brand and collateral and tweak it, giving it a fresh look but maintaining its core.


We can definitely recommend taking some time to evaluate your own brand. If anything it’s just fun to get to experiment!


What’s next for Brown Box Digital?


The past year has been an amazing journey. We’ve grown stronger as a team – and evolved as a brand. Our workflows and systems have improved and our partnerships with the clients we have served has been an enriching experience. So what’s next for Brown Box Digital?


Looking back at the past year makes us excited for the future! We’ve got exciting projects coming up in the pipeline – New features, New Frameworks, and New ways of serving our customers – We’re always excited in finding new ways to tackle the challenges of the web without it costing a fortune.


However, For now, we’re enjoying our pizza party and celebrating the past 12 months of serving our customers the absolute best that we can!


We’d like to thank all those who have been apart of this journey. We’d love to thank you for helping grow and support Brown Box.
Sincerely, The Team at Brown Box Digital.

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