Why Sitting at Your Computer All Day Can Wipe You Out

So it turns out that mental exertion can be just as physically tiring as physical exercise. An interesting insight into the human body - and some handy tips on minimising the impact.

Like most days, I spent the bulk of yesterday sitting in what I’ve determined to be the breeziest corner of my apartment, typing on my laptop. I filed a story, transcribed interviews for a few hours, and sent about half a million emails, but rarely got up from my chair. Still, by late afternoon, I wasn’t just exhausted mentally, but physically, too — disproportionately so, it seemed, considering how little I’d moved.

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The Top 11 Tools You Can Use to Be More Productive

Find useful information in this article on how to be super productive!

Being productive isn’t about which apps, tools, and frames of mind you use to get things done. Enhancing your productivity is about using a set of tools and processes that can make up a full blown productivity system, becoming comfortable with and relying on those tools, and then using them to get important things done in your life and work.

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4 Design Tricks for Making an Office Space More Productive

We all love a productive workspace that works for us! Here are some design principles and tips that you can apply to your work environment!

Studies have shown that surroundings play a huge role in employee productivity and mood as well as the impression customers get when they walk into a place of business. For this reason, it’s important to incorporate tried and true design techniques that will create an environment conducive to creativity, work flow, and comfort.

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How listening to music at work makes you productive

As you may have noticed, we always have music on in the office here, and we generally try and keep it upbeat. Some of us will still put headphones on and listen to our own music if we are finding it too distracting - as the article says, it's much more effective if you know (and like!) the songs.

A new study from Cornell University showed that employees can benefit from listening to music when at work. It has been found that playing happy and upbeat music can lead employees to be more productive and cooperative at the workplace.

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12 things successful people do in the last 10 minutes of the workday

I was happy to discover that I already do quite a few of the things on this list - and we have a number of internal processes in place to encourage all Brown Box employees to do things like updating their to-do list and reviewing their achievements at the end of the day. How well do you finish your workday?

... the most successful people typically have a routine in which they try to mitigate tasks that will linger and deter them from being completely focused for the next morning's events - expected or unexpected.

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How to exercise at work without anyone noticing

Here are seven secret muscle-building moves you can do without your co-workers even knowing.

When you have a crazy busy schedule, it’s important to squeeze in a workout any chance you get. Sitting at your desk might seem an unlikely place to exercise, but it’s actually totally practical (think about it, you’re parked there for eight hours after all) and effective.

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Table Tennis and Meeting Rooms

Are you planning to work out of a collaborative hub environment? Watch this video to get a kick start on the do's and dont's of co-working spaces.

As working remotely is getting more and more popular in the WordPress industry, many of us are choosing to work from co-working spaces. But is everyone familiar with co-working etiquette? This talk will present some insights on how to be a good co-worker, boost your productivity in a co-working environment and nurture the co-working culture.

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