How Empathy & Personalized Interfaces Can Help You Build Better UX

Empathy, one of the essential driving forces of UX design, is becoming increasingly more important in today's digital world. Empathetic design helps your organisation create relevant, personalised experiences that break through digital barriers and communicate your message in a way that your audience understands and connects with.

Web design trends can pivot on a dime, but some design concepts have proven their efficacy and timelessness. Two of these concepts, personalization and intuitiveness, are integral parts of modern web design and are vital to crafting amazing user experiences. Thanks to modern developments, it’s easier than ever to capitalize on these design concepts to the benefit of the user. To leverage these concepts effectively, designers have to empathize with their users.

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Personalised Email Marketing: Turn your list into loyal customers in 6 clear steps

It's time to move away from the pestering marketing, and start providing users with content that they can positively engage with. Personalisation is the key to creating email content that is both relevant for users and serves both you and your audience. Check out these personalisation tips!

Here's what I’m saying – email should not be the internet’s version of that annoying guy clutching a megaphone perched outside his High St two dollar shop, hurling promotional abuse at anyone who dares to so much as pass by.

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The New Rules of Email Marketing

It's time to create engaging, relevant email content for your users and with the latest tools and tips available, it's now easier than ever. Read more for a look at the strengths and new rules of email marketing

Email marketing is more powerful than it’s ever been. The past decade was the most exciting decade for marketers…and it’s getting better.

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6 Email Personalisation Techniques That Go Beyond a Name

Here are some techniques for successful personalisation marketing - Learning about asking the right questions, building user personas, making use of location and time, automated behavioural triggers, personalising your brand, and then continuing the personalised experience with supporting content to convert your users is an incredible way to deepen relationships with users.


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70 Email Marketing Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Campaign Monitor has a massive selection of general email marketing statistics from a variety of areas including email personalisation. Personalisation is an emerging trend that is transforming the digital landscape.

Time and time again, you’ve been asked to prove the effectiveness and ROI of your organization’s marketing efforts–especially when it comes to email marketing. And email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent. But email marketing’s reach goes way beyond ROI, which is why we’ve assembled a massive list of 70 email marketing statistics every marketer needs to know.

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12 Personalized Email Examples You Can't Help but Click

Looking for some examples of strong email personalisation? Check out this to see some of the best, getting email personalisation right!

The best part? Email personalization doesn't need to be insanely complicated to resonate with recipients. To see what I mean, check out these 12 great email examples that cleverly use personalization.

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The NFP Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

This article highlights upcoming marketing trends that are relevant to Not-for-Profits - within it talks about adopting hyper-personalisation and developing a complete view of each donor's journey. Tailoring your digital strategy to a more personalised position allows you to create content that is relevant to your donors.

With greater emphasis being placed on forming authentic relationships with user groups, we’ve put together six key trends to add to your marketing new year’s resolutions:

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The Tipping Point for Personalised Website Experiences

This article highlights the ROI of personalised web experiences and benefits that personalisation brings to your users

For both online marketers and the agencies that support them, creating personalized website experiences is seen as essential to a company’s success—not only in the blue skies of the future, but now.

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