Online Donation Tools: The Benefits of Accepting Donations on Your Website

Keeping your donors on your site is WAY better for user experience! Love how this article points out why.

Simplicity and trust are key here. Kicking visitors off of your website and onto a vendor site encourages neither simplicity nor trust. However, housing your donation process directly on your site is not only simpler and more trustworthy, but it also gives you the freedom to mold and customize your donor experience.

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What Color Should Your Brand Logo Be?

Deciding on a logo can be a challenge in its own.... then add the responsibility of choosing the right colours

Color psychology has been proven to affect people only fairly effectively, and to save you from the hassle of doing your own research, 99designs has created an aptly colorful infographic quiz that reveals the colors that actually work.

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Creative Content That Works for Email Fundraising

Email marketing is a fine art, especially when it comes to communicating with your supporter base

Nonprofits are sending more emails than ever before, especially email newsletters. But does news content really raise revenue? As email fundraising continues to grow and play a big role (nearly 30%!) in all online fundraising, it’s time to look at what you’re sending.

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3 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Welcome Series for New Supporters

Reading this article, I have to admit, the author does have a point.  Having different welcome series in place for different supporters is an excellent idea.  You are able to customise the experience and relate to your supporters on a different level.  Yes, it will take time and hard work for the initial setup of these different welcome series, but definitely worth it!

So you have a welcome series—that’s great. You’re already one step ahead of many other nonprofits. But a one-size fits all welcome series may be leaving out some powerful opportunities to engage.

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How to Run Effective Campaigns

Running a successful campaign takes a lot of enthusiasm and commitment, and can be very challenging.  These steps should give a much clearer view of what is involved.

A step-by-step guide to planning and running an effective campaign based on "Free Dave!" - a set of spoof videos created by NCVO.

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Tips for Riding the Media Wave to Increase Nonprofit Support

While reading up on nonprofit organisations and the best tools and resources available to them, I came across this article.  What a brilliant way to connect with the community and your supporters at the most relevant time and seize the opportunity.

There are a lot of ways nonprofit organizations can tell their stories. Most often, nonprofit storytelling is referenced in terms of organizations creating and sharing their own stories. But what about tapping into the power of stories that are already being told, specifically those in the media?

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The #1 Reason You Need a Recurring Giving Program and 3 Expert Examples

Read why it is so important to have a recurring donation option available for your donors.  Your donations will start increasing vs your costs will be lower.

Is among the most cost-effective, long-term fundraising methods. The gift is only solicited once, and, because it is handled electronically, processing costs are kept low.

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Why You Should Donate to the Causes You Love

Always gotta love a good infographic!

When we make a donation to a charitable organization, we help make the difference we’re unable to provide with our own hands. In this way, social impact organizations don’t just conduct work to achieve their mission—they also empower individuals all over the world to effect change.

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Click, go the donations

It is a fact, donors need to feel connected to your cause, and it is up to you to establish that connection.  Ensure donors can clearly see the difference their donation brings to your cause.

By understanding the psychology of giving, you can create powerful donation pages that inspire donor conversion.

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8 Ways to Stay Relevant to Your Audience

Technology moves fast these days. Classy has some great tips on how you can be helping yourself to keep up with it.

As technology evolves and new generations arrive on the scene, it can be challenging to connect with your audience in the fresh ways that they desire and expect. Organizations often find that potential supporters and investors become less satisfied with the communications and options they’ve been offered over the years, and the risk of being “outdated” can suddenly threaten their brand. Without an effort to learn and adapt your strategy as the times change, your current efforts can miss the mark and go to waste.

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Cut the Image Rotator from Your Nonprofit’s Homepage

Were always to warning people to slowly back away from the sliders, and this article lists a bunch of valuable reasons why

I know what you’re thinking. “But sliders are gorgeous, flashy, and oh-so-good to look at!” I know. So was that person you were ogling in high school, and they didn’t help you pay attention in class or get your homework done any faster. There are other ways to tell your nonprofit’s story in an incredibly attractive and beneficial way.

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Optimising Your Organisation's Website For Donations

Here's a great article which talks about research done by the Nielson Norman Group.

Our usability tests of nonprofit and charity websites show that people have high expectations of nonprofit and charity websites — which some sites don’t meet. Users have specific questions, and if sites do not address these questions, they have little desire or motivation to find the answers. Once users decide to donate, a clear call to action and a simplified donation process keeps them on the right track.

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Why Nonprofit Branding Matters

Such a great article, all about how branding is so important for Not-for-Profits in building relationships

Brands are everywhere. From personalities to products, to companies and even places, everything has a ‘brand’. Branding is often understood as consisting of a company’s logo, but there’s so much more to a brand than just the visual elements. A brand is an idea, an understanding of who your organisation is and what it represents. It’s an expression of an organisation’s core values. It’s a concept and a promise of what an organisation stands for and works to achieve.

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7 Design Myths Debunked for Nonprofits

Love this fun infographic that lays out a fair few home truths about design for Not-for-Profits

Great design is crucial to engaging your audience and driving results. Among its many benefits, thoughtful, compelling design captures your audience’s attention, elevates your brand, reinforces your message, and drives conversions. By contrast, poor design can cripple a prospect’s perception of your brand and undermine your hard work.

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Grants opportunities – March 2016

Strategic Grants are providing Grants for not-for-profits or charities doing good in the world.  Have a look here for available opportunities, don't miss out on this opening to support your cause!

Looking for upcoming grant and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

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40 Lessons Learned by Nonprofit Professionals in 2015

Some amazing lessons from some of the people who know the immense challenges and victories of the Not-for-Profit world

“If you try to be relevant to everyone, you’ll be relevant to no one. Define who your audience is, what they want, and what you can teach them.”

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How to Pick an Email Service Provider for Your Nonprofit

Email is still so vital as a communication tool for Not-for-Profits. This article covers some great points, especially the need for your email provided to integrate with your website. At Brown Box we love Mailchimp specifically for that reason!

Email service providers make keeping in touch with your subscribers easy. More than that though, they help you stay organized and allow you to be more strategic with your communication. While this is true of all ESPs, it’s important to note that no two providers are the same. Doing your homework and finding the one that best fits your nonprofit’s needs is key.

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