WordPress 4.8 Will End Support for Internet Explorer Versions 8, 9, and 10

Even based on the most generous estimates, Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 combined make up no more than about 3% of all internet users, so spending time and resources on testing and fixing bugs in them really no longer makes sense. Brown Box stopped supporting IE 8 and 9 some time ago, and will most likely be dropping IE 10 shortly. Like Wordpress, this doesn't mean that our sites won't work in IE 10, just that we won't be specifically testing in it.

WordPress will not stop working entirely in these browsers, but after the 4.8 release contributors will no longer test new features against older versions of IE. Some capabilities in wp-admin may be more limited.

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What’s The Deal With The Samsung Internet Browser?

Like most web developers we've been guilty in the past of testing Chrome on Android and ignoring the default "Internet" browser that comes on the vast majority of devices. And while - as this article points out - there are likely to be few significant differences between the two, the numbers are making us reconsider that approach.

In the past few years, just about all Android device vendors have upgraded their default browsers to Chromium… but not to Google Chrome. Instead, they took an older Chromium version of their choice, modified it somewhat, and added it to their devices as “Internet” or “Browser.”

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Houdini: Maybe The Most Exciting Development In CSS You’ve Never Heard Of

Browser support for new features - particularly in CSS - has come a LONG way in the last few years. But there's still a long delay between a new feature being defined and it being widely enough supported for general use. Houdini seeks to remove that delay by allowing custom extensions for CSS to be built by developers - effectively meaning that support for new features can be built by regular developers instead of having to wait for browsers to catch up. Of course before we can use it we have to wait for Houdini to be supported by browsers, so it's a few years away from being useful - but it's certainly a move in the right direction.

Have you ever wanted to use a particular CSS feature but didn’t because it wasn’t fully supported in all browsers? Or, worse, it was supported in all browsers, but the support was buggy, inconsistent or even completely incompatible? If this has happened to you — and I’m betting it has — then you should care about Houdini.

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