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Mercy Ships - New Website

Having worked with Mercy Ships Australia to create their donation pages and gift catalogue, we were delighted to have to opportunity to update and overhaul the rest of their website, to bring them into the wonderful world of WordPress. Our top priority was simplifying the journey user's needed to undertake to find the information they needed. This included strengthening the site's navigation, diversifying page layouts, and equipping the Mercy Ship's team to manage their content, whilst freshening up the Mercy Ship's brand for the mobile browsing age.  Read More

Regents Park Christian School

Together we partnered with Regents Park Christian School to create a web solution that greatly improved their online presence. Creating an online space that would give parents, staff, and students the ability to access a variety of schooling information and resources was the goal when constructing this user-centric experience. This newly designed and developed website aims to help nurture the community that RPCS have already established offline.

Sydney College of Divinity

We've worked in close collaboration with The Sydney College of Divinity to define and design a new online experience that focuses closely on, and caters for a variety of different user flows and journeys. Our user-centric design approach aimed to provide both staff and students with a digital solution that would ensure they were able to access the features they need, and to market the college to prospective students and stakeholders.

Mercy Ships Gift Catalogue and Optimised Donation Process

Mercy Ships embraced the opportunity to campaign at Christmas time with the creation of a Ship's Store - a gift catalogue allowing family and friends to purchase gifts, that make an incredible impact towards saving lives through the work of Mercy Ships. After building their store experience, we then helped them to optimise their donation page and giving process to help increase conversion, and maximise the proceeds providing surgeries and world-class medical care to those who have no other hope.

Ultra Tune Seven Hills

Ultra Tune Seven Hills partnered with us to help them cut through the market with a local SEO strategy. Getting lost amongst the variety of locations on the main Ultra Tune website, we worked alongside Barry and his team to help them build a site of their own, which they can now use to distinguish themselves amongst their local customers.

St Luke's Presbyterian Church

Keeping current on the web can be daunting for many organisations, but St Luke's Presbyterian Church in Roseville partnered with us to do just that - to keep in touch with their church members and to open their doors to the community in Roseville.


In the process of undertaking a complete branding redesign, Navigators came to us to extend their new brand into the digital realm. Working collaboratively with their team and designers we were able to create a digital solution, that translates their new brand and positioning into a best practice user experience.  


Christianityworks are long term Brown Box partners, and are an incredible organisation that are always looking to provide the best experience to their users. We were therefore tasked with the amazing opportunity to redesign their website theme, with a strong focus on navigation, and consolidation of their website content. We approached this challenge with careful consideration in both design and development departments to create a site that both looks great and provides the optimum User Experience.   Read More

The Local Collective

The Local Collective are a local family-owned and operated cafe, that wanted to bring their business which was already strongly embedded in the community to the digital world with a new website. Our design approach focused on a strong visual experience that would capture the same environment and voice of the cafe that people have grown to love and appreciate. This solution included Instagram API integration that allowed for an increased community engagement.

Good Return

Good Return are long term partners of Brown Box. We've worked together to aid Good Return in their mission of raising funds to help break the poverty cycle. This has included a particular focus on their loans platform, that works to provide people with financial and educational opportunities to provide a pathway out of poverty.

Food and a Bible

Food and a Bible is a campaign site run by Feed the Hungry Australia. This was a design intensive project for Brown Box, from initial idea development, to mood-boarding, wireframes, sketches, graphic renditions and feedback, to final site construction and development.

CRU Camps

Brown Box worked alongside CRU Camps to create a website with the fun and personality to reflect the amazing camps they run. Not only does the site look great but it also has a highly developed back end to allow for camp bookings and registrations, as well as a members area, and an online merchandise store!

Splash Aquatic

Splash Aquatic is a swim school based in Dural. With our Small Business Core, Splash are now able to easily manage their own site, making regular updates to their term dates and Frequently Asked Questions. We also got to provide them with a fun new design to help set them apart from the competition.


Brown Box and Christianityworks have shared an incredible strategic partnership for a number of years. Of the many projects we have achieved together, one of the most significant was the integration of the BB Connect CRM, including workflows and automations, eliminating Christianityworks administration burdens in processing offline donations, as well as introducing strong donor nurturing processes that have contributed to a 45% increase in donations.


Hope103.2 engaged with us to perform a major overhaul of their content rich website, in order to make it mobile responsive, with a focus on their target users in all design considerations.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Brown Box worked alongside MAF in integrating Salesforce, including workflow and automation processes. We also empowered them in their creation of digital campaigns through the creation of multiple subsites, allowing MAF to create distinct web experiences for focused campaigns.


PeaceWise required a mixed checkout experience, incorporating items from an event management framework, e-commerce framework as well as a donation framework. Their website also required a major overhaul to create a crafted, mobile responsive experience. PeaceWise have also integrated BB Connect as their Customer Relationship Management system.

Studio Nine One Eight

Phil had been nominated for a Excellence in Housing Award and need a new website that represented his brand and business online. The timings were tight and the visual outcomes needed to be top-shelf. The site was delivered with a strong focus on design and building an emotional connection with bold imagery.

Youth for Christ

YFC Australia, wanted to update their site, in order to align their brand approach with their US counterpart. We partnered with them to plan and execute a fresh, modern and responsive website design, to enable them to tell the stories of impact that their organisation is responsible for. The new site uses PayDock for payment processing and has a customised back-end to enable easy content management across a large national team.

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