Build rich supporter profiles.
Understand supporter journeys with activity tracking.
Get to know your supporters with clear and comprehensive data.

Connexions is the latest in simplified, effective CRM solutions.

Built specifically for WordPress, it captures and communicates data in a way like never before – enabling you to build deeper relationships and expand your impact. Connexions works to passively build profiles, allowing you to build up your data and capture detailed user profiles. It has an amazing ability to connect with a wide range of additional web products, meaning it’s able to grow and expand as you do.

Connexions will expand your understanding of user behaviour and allow you to better interact and communicate with your audience, to build deeper and long lasting digital relationships.


It’s fully customisable with no limits! 

Connexions features a range of amazing Add-ons and Integrations, also giving you the opportunity to create and customise new functions that are designed specifically just for you…

Optional Add-ons for Connexions include:

  Activity View add-on:

Really get to know your users. Embracing cookie technology, Activity View gives you a timeline of all the interactions users have taken across your website. See which pages an individual user has visited, which forms they’ve filled out and gifts they’ve given.

Activity View passively captures all the data on your site, and then assigns a user when we capture their email.


mailchimp The Mailchimp add-on:

Allow any form on your website to communicate with MailChimp, helping you keep track of the subscription status for each of your contacts within your own database. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe either through MailChimp or your website and Connexions will keep your records in sync.

Strengthen your communication through strong data, to communicate the right messages at the right time.


 Action Notes & Workqueues add-on:

Make sure no one slips through the cracks with action notes and workqueues.

Fully automated, action notes and workqueues will prompt your team to act – to make a phone call, send a letter, or offer a personal thank you. Action Notes keep your database informed and
up to date with both online and offline interactions with every contact.


 Mailgun add-on:

Send emails directly from your CRM with Mailgun. Send to everyone, or use segmentation to send to a select few – it can all be sent straight from your website, with no need for managing mailing lists through external email providers.

Even more, get all the analytics you need including opens, bounces, unsubscribes and more.



 Relationships & Groups add-on:

Get a real understanding of how your contacts relate to each other using relationships and groups.

Establish family connections to help you better communicate and build relationships with your contacts. Get even more context using 1st and 2nd degree ‘Direct Relationships’.

Create whatever Group types are relevant to your organisation.


 Rolling KPIs & Segment Status add-on:

Stay up to date with the status of each of your contacts and the unique segment they belong to.

Calculated overnight, every night, you’ll always have up to date figures for a series of Key Performance Indicators – which are determined uniquely by you!

Even more, the system will recalculate each night, to determine if the behaviour of your contacts has altered their segmentation status.


 Postle Module add-on:

Send emails directly to your database.

Easily update the database without even logging in. Submit data to the CRM simply by BCC’ing it in your email correspondence.


 Personalisation add-on:

Each member of your database will be granted a unique key. This key can then be pushed into other web systems, or used as a placeholder to enable personalised digital correspondence and customisation. Make your users feel unique.


It’s time to get to know your supporters with data…

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