Having worked with Mercy Ships Australia to create their donation pages and gift catalogue, we were delighted to have to opportunity to update and overhaul the rest of their website, to bring them into the wonderful world of WordPress. Our top priority when conducting the redesign was simplifying the journey user’s needed to undertake to find the information they needed.

To achieve this we aimed in strengthening the site’s navigation, diversifying page layouts, and equipping the Mercy Ship’s team with the ability to manage and maintain their own content quickly and simply by utilising the tools of WordPress. We also strived to freshen up the Mercy Ship’s brand for the mobile browsing age, ensuring to stay true to their brand but keeping it updated with their new digital space and website design.

Mercy Ships Website

Our earlier work with Mercy Ships focused on streamlining their donation page into an experience that would reduce donor friction. This newly intuitive page design has made it as easy as possible for donors to complete their donations when experiencing the Mercy Ships brand.


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